How to Retrieve My Phone Contacts From T-Mobile

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T-Mobile USA offers an address book backup system called Mobile Backup with some of its cell phone plans. When installed on a phone, Mobile Backup creates a continuous backup file of the phone's contacts on the T-Mobile server. Synchronizing your entire address book is an automated process, but if you have deleted a contact, you'll have to perform a contact restoration to move it back to your phone's address book.


Step 1

Log into My T-Mobile on your computer's browser (see Resources).

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Step 2

Click "Tools," then select "Access Contacts." .

Step 3

Click "Deleted Contacts." Browse for listings of the contacts you want to retrieve.


Step 4

Drag the contact you want to retrieve into the appropriate group heading to restore it to your phone book. Click "Sync Now."


Step 5

Turn off your phone. Wait five seconds and turn it back on. The contacts are now synchronized.

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