How to Retrieve Sound From a Photo Booth Video

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While making a Photo Booth video, you may find that you want to retrieve just the audio portion of your recording for another use. Thankfully, Apple has bundled such a capacity into its operating system. Garage Band, the home audio program, can be used to save the audio, which can then be sent to friends via email, or put into another type of project, like an iMovie.


Step 1

Open Photo Booth and record your video using the video record option, if you haven't done this already. The video record button is the icon on the left with the sprocket holes.

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Step 2

Open Garage Band and create a new file. Click "File" and "New," then name the file.


Step 3

Find your video clip in the clip library below the main image in Photo Booth.

Step 4

Drag the video clip into the main work area at the top of the window in Garage Band. Wait for the clip to render.


Step 5

Click "File" and "Save as" in Garage Band.


Step 6

Name the file.

Step 7

Choose a destination for the file. "Desktop" makes it easy to find.

Step 8

Click the "Compact Project" box and choose a resolution for the file. Bigger resolution means a bigger file and better audio.

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