How to Run Down a Cell Phone Battery

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Whether you want to run your battery down to see how fast it can charge, or because you're playing a cruel joke on your friend with his phone, sapping a battery of its charge is fairly easy and fast. Some phones, such as smartphones, eat up more of a battery charge than others. Even if you have a standard cell phone, there are a few settings you can change and applications you can run to drain the battery.


Step 1

Access the "Settings" menu and select the "Display settings." Turn the screen "Brightness" and screen "Timeout" to maximum. Screen timeout is the amount of time that a screen will stay on before it turns off due to inactivity.

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Step 2

Open a GPS application. If the phone has a GPS application on it, starting the GPS will drain the battery faster than anything else.


Step 3

Open the Internet browser. If the phone doesn't have a GPS but comes with an Internet browser, you can also browse the Internet. The battery won't last more than a few hours at full charge.

Step 4

Play games. Games are resource hogs and take a lot of power from your phone, sapping it of its charge.



Step 5

Launch multiple applications at one time. If the phone is a smartphone, then it may have the capability to run more than one application at a time. Multiple applications mean more resources, which means the battery will drain faster.



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