How to Run EXE on Windows Mobile

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There are many software applications available your Windows Mobile Smartphone. Some of these applications are pure entertainment, while others will enable your Smartphone in useful ways that can boost your productivity. When you download Windows Mobile applications, your next step is to install the software onto the Smartphone. One way to accomplish this is to install the software directly from your PC in the form of an EXE (executable) file.


Step 1

Download the software directly to the desktop of your personal computer.

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Step 2

Turn the Smartphone on and connect it to your PC either by USB or Bluetooth. Begin the "ActiveSync" process (Windows XP) or open the Windows Mobile Device Center (Windows Vista/Windows 7) with your Smartphone.


Step 3

Double-click on the installation file on the desktop to install the required files to your computer. Within the ActiveSync or the Windows Mobile Device Center, copy the installed files to your cell phone. You may be asked where you want to copy the files if you have a memory card installed on your Smartphone: Select "Device" to install the files on your Smartphone, or select "Storage Card" to install the files on the memory card. Wait while the files transfer.


Step 4

Find the software by browsing your "Start Menu" on your Smartphone. Click the new software to use it for the first time.




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