How to Run Scandisk From Command

If you're using an older version of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 98 or Windows ME and you want to perform a check of your hard disks, you'll need to use the program Scandisk, which can be run from the MS-DOS prompt if access to your operating system is not available. Windows XP and Vista users will use a similar program known as Chkdsk, which replaced the older Scandisk function.

Step 1

Run the MS-DOS prompt. You can access the prompt from your boot screen when the "Press any button for MS-DOS" option appears or by clicking on "Start Button" then "Run" and then typing "cmd" and hitting "Enter."

Step 2

Type "c:" without the quotation marks. Then type cd\windows\command

Step 3

Wait for the "c:/windows/command:" to appear. Type "c: scandisk" and press the "Enter" key. Allow the Scandisk to complete its operation and you have successfully completed the task.

Step 4

Use the alternate chkdesk for Windows XP and Windows Vista. XP users should go to "Start" then "Run" and type "cmd" followed by hitting the "Enter" key. Then simply type "chkdsk." Vista users, click on "Start" then "All Programs" and "Accessories" followed by "Command Prompt" then type "chkdsk" and press "Enter," then let the program run its course.