How to Run Two Phone Numbers on One Verizon Cell Phone

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Running two phone numbers on a Verizon cell phone is possible.

Running two phone numbers on a Verizon cell phone is possible. Although Verizon doesn't offer this feature, there is a free third-party application that allows this capability. Although there is a wait time to obtain your second number, there is no charge for this service.


Step 1

Request an invite to Google Voice from Google. Google Voice provides a second number to ring to your existing phone. There is a wait for this service, but it's not lengthy.

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Step 2

Receive your invite. Google will email you an invite once your turn arrives. Simply accept the invitation.


Step 3

Decide which Google Voice Service to accept. To receive the additional number to work with your Verizon cell phone select the option titled "Add a Google number to get these additional features."

Step 4

Create your Google Voice account. After you select the "Add a Google number" option, you will be prompted to click "Next" to go to the "Customize your settings" Web page.


Step 5

Customize your settings.

Step 6

Use your new number along with your existing number to ring to your Verizon cell phone.