How to Save My Contacts to My SIM Card

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SIM cards are standard features in modern cell phones. You can save text messages, emails and your contacts to your SIM card and take it along with you to another phone. It's easy to save your entire phone address book to your SIM card, assuming that you have enough room on the card and that your phone model has this feature.


Step 1

Ensure that a valid and activated SIM card is securely set inside the phone.

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Step 2

Turn on the phone and go to your address book from the Menu screen. Select Contacts or a similar label, and then open the Options or Settings menus.


Step 3

Look for an option to Copy to Phone/SIM, Move to Phone/SIM, Save Contacts to SIM or similar wording. If you don't see this option, your phone may not be equipped to save cell phone contacts on a removable SIM card.

Step 4

Choose the option to copy or move your contacts from your phone memory to your SIM card. Allow a few minutes for the transfer to complete. If you wish to copy instead of move the contacts, you'll see two contacts listed for each number in your phone, since one is stored on your phone memory and the other on your SIM card.


Step 5

Select each entry in your address book individually to save contact information to your SIM card. This is a requirement on some mobile phone models that do not allow you to save all contacts at once. Choose Save to SIM to copy the contact's information that you saved to the card.


Use "Copy to SIM" if you want to remove the SIM card and move the contacts to another phone while leaving the contacts on the old phone. Use "Move to SIM" if you feel more comfortable storing and maintaining your address book on the removable card.

In some cases the SIM card for your phone will store only the name and main phone number of the contact. If you want more information, such as email address, physical address or multiple phone numbers, you may have to use your phone memory to store details beyond your ability to transfer phone numbers of your contacts.

Consider saving phone contact information in cloud file storage such as OneDrive, iCloud or Google Drive.


If you break your SIM card, the contacts stored on it will be lost, so handle your card with care.