How to Scan a QR Code With an LG Phone

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The QR code system was invented by Toyota as a solution to store large quantities of information inside a bar code. Traditional bar codes are limited in their ability to store large amounts of information and the QR code was designed as a more robust alternative to storing and sharing information through a code that is scanned. Toyota released the QR Code to the general public and now codes are easily created and scanned using a variety of devices, including smartphones. Scanning a QR code with an LG phone is easy and it unlocks the information stored within that specific code.


Understanding QR Codes

The original use for QR codes was storing information about specific automotive parts. The codes helped for cataloging and easily retrieving information for each individual part or component. Today, QR codes are used for a large number of purposes. Manufacturing companies continue using the codes for parts, retail stores use the codes to store information about products and businesses use the codes to share information with customers, employees and anyone relevant to the information stored within the code. A business can use the code to share a promotion or a coupon with ease. QR code scanner apps are easy to find and use.


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LG QR Code Apps

The easiest way to scan codes with an LG phone is by downloading a QR scanner for Android. Numerous scanner apps exist and many not only make it possible to scan codes, you can also generate codes as well. An LG QR code is the same as any other QR code, as they are universal and not unique to any mobile device. You just need a basic app to scan the codes and unlock the information stored within the code matrix.


Scanning Without an App

You can work around the QR code app requirement and scan a code on LG phones without any scanner. To scan a code, open your camera and focus on the code. Make sure the code sits in full view of the camera so everything is clear and visible. Now, hold the home button to open Google search. Holding the button while the camera is focused on the code will trigger Google search to unlock the information in the code. This does not work 100-percent of the time but it's worth trying if you are avoiding adding a dedicated QR code scanner to your phone. If you are reading codes with any regularity, downloading a free app is the best route.





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