How to Search Your Friend's Events On Facebook

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How to Search Your Friend's Events On Facebook. Is your best friend throwing a party? Are your neighbors planning a trip to South Beach for Spring Break? Stay on top of your friend's events on Facebook by browsing through events in your network. You'll never miss another party again.

Search Your Friends' Events

Step 1

Log in to Facebook from the home page and head to the "My Events" page using the menu link (see Resources below).

Step 2

Find a friend's event by entering a keyword in the search field. You can also browse events by clicking on an event topic link.

Step 3

Browse through the events until you find the one you want to attend. Depending on the privacy level, you will be able to see some or all of the details. For global events, you will be able to see the location and other specifics.

Step 4

Request to be invited to a friend's closed events. If one of your friends is having an event and didn't invite you, simply click "Request an Invitation."

RSVP to a Friend's Event

Step 1

Log in to Facebook. If you have been invited to a friend's event, then you will have a notice posted on your home page and emailed to you.

Step 2

Find an event you want to be invited to. You can also RSVP to open events and request that you be invited to closed events. Once your friend invites you, you will receive an RSVP notice.

Step 3

Click the "Add to My Events" to RSVP to a global event.

Step 4

Select the radio button next to "Attending," "Maybe Attending" or "Not Attending" to RSVP for an event.

Step 5

Check your 'My Events' page to view events you are planning to attend. You will be able to view all the details and the writing on the wall (comments posted by other event-goers).

Things You'll Need

  • Facebook account

  • Computer with Internet access


You can use the "Search" link from any page to reach a generic search form that also allows you to look for events. You can easily remove events from your My Events page if you decide you are no longer attending. You can also choose "Not Attending" in the RSVP section. Head to the Facebook Help section for tips on using the search forms (see Resources below).


If you are posting your own events, make sure you don't include your home address in a global event, which shows everyone all the details. You can only view closed events if they are being hosted by your friend or someone in your network.