How to See How You Would Look With a Buzzed Head

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You can see you buzzed head.
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Making the jump to a buzzed or shaved head is a big move, so getting an idea about how you would look first is a good move. Technology makes this easy with several apps that can show buzz cuts. Although technology and other modes of determining how you might look are helpful, you eventually have to decide and shave your head.


Choose a Style

The buzz is a simple look, but many different variations exist. You can choose the length based on a number that represents the inches of hair remaining. For example, a number 1 buzz is about 1/8 inch and number 0 is bald, while a number 3 or 4 cut leaves more hair on top. Start by deciding which length is preferable.

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Short buzz cuts reveal more of your head, and a full shave reveals everything. Starting with a longer buzz cut is safe, but going for a short cut or full shave quickly helps you determine if the look is right or not for you. Fortunately, the hair grows back in a few weeks, and you can decide to ditch the haircut at any time.


Some barbershops have posters that show a variety of different buzz styles. Some are straight buzzed, and others have different fades and styling built into the buzz. Viewing these photos is a great way to determine how you might look. Look for models that have a similar hairline for a more specific outcome with a buzz cut.

Use an App

Apps place the buzz or shaved head styling directly on your image so you can see how it looks. The apps can't always find the perfect head shape and don't reveal hidden scars and marks, but they give a general idea about the look. Keep in mind that they are not perfect and provide only a general idea.


The Bald Booth and Make Me Bald apps are options that show how you can look with a shaved head. They tend to focus on a fully shaved or balding head rather than a specific buzz cut, though. Do some research; plenty of other apps and web-based programs are available.

Be wary of providing your photo to some of these programs, however, because they may sell your image to the law enforcement facial recognition database or elsewhere. Read the disclosures and do your due diligence before blindly agreeing to have your facial information stored, shared and sold.


Go for It

The only real way to know exactly how you will look with a buzzed or shaved head is to go for it and change your style. You can jump in the deep end and start with a full shave or gradually buzz your own head, starting with longer clippers and working shorter until a favorite length is achieved. Experimenting is easy when you start long and gradually shorten your hair.

If you are worried about being seen in public with a buzzed or shaved head, time the haircut with a vacation. Plan a camping trip or a retreat and cut your hair immediately before the trip. A few days or a week later, the hair has begun the regrowing process. If you like the buzz style, use clippers every week or two to maintain a short cut. Otherwise, allow the hair to regrow and return to your preferred styling method.


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