How to See the Downvotes in Reddit

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You can't see the individual counts of up and down votes on a particular Reddit post or comment, but you can see the total net vote count for a post or comment from any thread page. You can also see the rough percentage of positive votes on a particular post.

Finding Vote Totals on Reddit

Reddit users can vote individual posts and comments up and down, and while you can't see the individual up and down tallies, you can see the net vote total -- upvotes minus downvotes -- for a particular post or comment.


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Seeing a Post's Vote Totals

A post's total net vote displays on Reddit's front page or the front page of a particular subreddit forum. It appears adjacent to the post.

Seeing a Comment's Vote Totals

View the vote totals for a comment adjacent to the comment itself on any thread page.



Finding Rough Vote Distribution Numbers

Reddit doesn't provide exact upvote and downvote totals because exact, real-time counts could let spammers know whether or not their votes are being filtered out by the site.

It does provide the rough percentage of voting users who voted a post up. This practice replaces a previous system that provided fuzzed vote numbers -- in which the total net count was exact, but the reported numbers of upvotes and downvotes were randomly adjusted.


View the upvote percentage from any thread page on Reddit.

Step 1

From Reddit's front page or any subreddit, click on a Comments link to see the thread page for the corresponding post.


Step 2

See the upvote percentage on the thread page.




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