How to Get to Someone's Photos on Tumblr

By Shea Laverty

Tumblr features an archive view, which makes it easy to browse through photos posted on a blog. Using the archive view requires only a minor tweak to the URL.

Tumblr's archive view displays all the posts and photos for a given period on a single screen, making it easier to look through and find specific pictures. This can save a considerable amount of time if you're looking for a specific picture or only want to see pictures as opposed to full posts — especially on Tumblr blogs that update frequently. Anybody can access the archive view by adding a single word to a Tumblr blog's URL.

Step 1

Go to the main page of the desired Tumblr blog and add /archive to the end of the URL.

Step 2

The Month filter drop-down menu, with June highlighted.

Select the month you want to explore from the Month drop-down menu. Months that don't have any posts are grayed-out, while months with posts show dark text and a number indicating the number of posts that month.


If you aren't sure what month to look through, or just want to view all photos added to the Tumblr blog, you don't need to set a month filter.

Step 3

The Filter By Post Type drop-down, with Photo highlighted.

Select Photo from the Filter by post type drop-down menu.


Filters are available for other post types as well, so the archive view can be very handy when trying to track down a specific type of post other than a photo.

Step 4

One of the images with the mouse hovering over it.

Browse through the photos presented to find the picture you want. Once you've found the desired picture, clicking it takes you to the photo's post.


You can tell when day the photo was added to Tumblr by hovering your mouse over the picture's thumbnail. The date the photo was added appears over the thumbnail.