How to Send a Text With a Different Number

By Chance E. Gartneer

Whether you are pulling a practical joke or trying to keep something a surprise, your phone number always gives you away. But luckily, there are a couple of techniques to send texts with a different phone number. Keeping your number a mystery can both add excitement and humor to an otherwise ordinary text.

Step 1

Get a Google Voice number. Google Voice allows you to choose a local number that can tie all your different numbers, such as landline and cell phones, together. You can text from your computer or from your phone if your carrier has a Google Voice app. The number that appears as the return number will be your Google Voice number. A Google Voice number is free and only requires a Google account.

Step 2

Send a text from the recipient's cell phone provider websites. Some phone carrier websites like, Verizon and Cricket, allow you to send a text message to one of their subscribers from their website. If you don't know their cell phone provider, you can search the number on the carrier's website or run a search with a reverse number directory, like (see Resources). Sending a text from the carrier's website requires a valid phone number, so make sure the number you use actually exists.

Step 3

Mask your number. Many novelty websites, like Fake Message and Spooftel (see Resources), exist where you can change or "spoof" your number. These websites charge either a membership fee or require a purchase of credits to send a message, and some of the sites have released iPhone apps for greater accessibility. As of September 2010, Fake Message allows for a single free text in its trial membership.