How to Send GIF Images on an iPhone

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When others sends you GIFs, they may have sent them from their iPhones.

Share a GIF by messaging it to a friend using your iPhone. Multimedia Message, or MMS, is the multimedia equivalent of SMS, which stands for Short Message Service. SMS allows cell phone owners to exchange text messages. The iPhone 3G and later models of the device support MMS technology. If you need to send a GIF on your 3G or 3GS iPhone, the feature is waiting for you to use.


Step 1

Tap the "Settings" icon on your iPhone, then tap "Messages" to display the "Messages" screen. If the "MMS Messaging" slider is set to "Off," slide it to the "On" position.

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Step 2

Slide the "Show Subject Field" slider to "On" if it is not on.


Step 3

Tap the "Messages" icon located on the "Home" screen to open the "Messages" screen. Tap "New Message" to display the "New Message" screen.

Step 4

Tap the "Plus" symbol next to the "To" field. The "Contacts" screen will open and display a list of your contacts. Tap the contact to whom you wish to send a GIF. The "Contacts" screen will close and return you to the "New Message" screen.


Step 5

Locate the camera icon on the "New Message" screen. Tap that icon to display a new screen containing send options and buttons.

Step 6

Tap the "Choose Existing." The iPhone will show you your existing photo albums on the "Photo Albums" screen.


Step 7

Tap one of the photo albums to view its images. Locate the GIF you want to send and tap it. A "Preview" screen will open and display the image.

Step 8

Tap "Choose" if you want to add a subject line to the GIF. Type in a subject using the on-screen keyboard. Type "Send" to send the GIF image.


The GIF recipient must also have a phone that supports MMS.


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