How to Send Hugs on Facebook

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Send hugs and kisses with applications in Facebook.

Facebook lets you keep in touch with friends and family whether they are in the next room or across the world. See instant status updates and photographs, chat with people from your friends list or create events and invite all your friends. With more than 500 millions users, app developers are creating new applications every day for Facebook. There are applications to take quizzes, play games and send gifts such as kisses and hugs to your friends.


Step 1

Log in to Facebook.

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Step 2

Type "Hugs" in the search box at the top of the page.

Step 3

Click "See more results for hugs" at the bottom of the drop-down menu.


Step 4

Click "Apps" in the menu on the left. This brings up available hug applications with the number of active users.


Step 5

Select one of the applications and click on it. This takes you to the application's Facebook page.


Step 6

Click the "Go to app" button next to the app name at the top of the page. Allow the app access to your profile and start sending hugs.


If a friend sends you a hug, you can usually accept the hug and allow the app access to your profile. You will then be able to send hugs through that application.


Be careful allowing applications access to your profile. Research the application to make sure it is from a legitimate source. Check how long the application has been available. See if there have been any negative reports about the application or even the app developer.



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