How to Send Money Anonymously Online

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Although technology and society may change as time passes, mankind's fundamental desire to practice random acts of kindness and generosity remains ever-present. Anonymous gifting as been a unique and fascinating element of our culture for generations. Providing someone with much-needed financial assistance anonymously allows them to take full benefit of the gift you have given without creating any awkward feelings of indebtedness or guilt.


Thanks to a growing number of money transfer options available online today, individuals have the ability to send an anonymous money gift at the touch of a button. If you are planning to send money anonymously, you can follow a few basic strategies in order to ensure that your funds end up exactly where you intended.

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Sending Anonymous PayPal Funds

PayPal offers an easy method for sending money to friends and family both directly and anonymously. Typically, individuals use their email address to sign up for the service and send money to others. The recipient's email address acts as the destination for the funds. When they log in to PayPal with their email address, any funds that have been transferred to them will be readily available. The only true requisite for using PayPal as an anonymous money transfer service is that you have the email address for the recipient readily available.


With these ideas in mind, you can send money anonymously through PayPal by using an email address which the recipient will not recognize. For example, you can create an entirely new email address which you can use to create a PayPal account and then transfer funds to the recipient. Not only will the receiver of your gift not be able to tell where the money came from, but they will be unable to gain additional information about the owner of the email address used to transfer the funds.

Exploring Methods to Send Money Anonymously

If an individual's need are widely known, it is possible that someone may have already established a GoFundMe or other fundraising page for them. If this is the case, you can use the built-in features of the website to send money anonymously to the intended recipient. Your contact information and identity will remain anonymous throughout the process, and the receiver of your cash gift will not be able to source the funds back to you.


Using Digital Currency

Although slightly more complex, many digital currencies also provide a means for transferring funds anonymously. That being said, successfully transferring digital currency to another individual would require both parties to have the software needed to transfer the currency back into US dollars (if desired) and, following this, into a bank account. For tech savvy individuals, however, digital currency represents a highly effective means for anonymous money gift transfers which, by the very nature of the currency itself, will remain private and unidentifiable indefinitely.