How to Send Money Orders by Email

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Transfer Money Online

Money orders are ways of transferring money from one person to another. For situations like bills, they can be considered just like paying in cash. Often, money orders are accepted where checks or credit cards might not be. They can also be safer for money transfers because the person receiving the money from the order must be the intended receiver. In the digital age, you can do anything online. Money orders and transferring money to someone can also be done online.


Step 1

Find an online money transfer site. Some, like Scotiabank, are banks that provide online money orders. Others, like EMO, are companies that provide email money orders. Paypal is another online money provider, through which you can transfer money from one email address to another.

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Step 2

Create an account at the money transfer site you have chosen. This usually requires your name and address, and a bank account or credit card to provide the funds for the transfer. Some accounts, like those at EMO or other sites, can be temporary. Others, like at Paypal, are permanent.


Step 3

Log into your account online once its fully set up. Click on the "transfer" button or on "send money orders" or "email money orders," depending on the site you have chosen. Input the amount of money you would like to send, and the email address of the recipient. Then, click "send" or "transfer."





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