How to Set a Static IP for a 5330 IP Phone

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The 5330 IP phone by Mitel uses voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to place and receive phone calls. The calls are placed over an Internet connection rather than the ordinary public switched telephone network technology used by land lines. Phones can be configured to work off the Internet or a private IP network within a company. The 5330 is an enterprise phone designed as a cost-effective solution to work over a company's private IP network. The static IP of the company's network is needed to allow the phone to work on the network.


Step 1

Remove the Ethernet cable from the back of the phone.

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Step 2

Hold down the "<=" and "=>" keys on the telephone keypad and reconnect the Ethernet cable to the back of the phone.


Step 3

Release the "<=" and "=>" keys when "Configure Phone" appears on the display of the phone.

Step 4

Press the "*" key on the keypad to begin configuration.


Step 5

Press the "*" key at the "Modify Static Value?" configuration screen. The "Static Network Parms" screen appears.

Step 6

Press the arrow button down until "Program ICP IP Address" is displayed.



Step 7

Enter the desired static IP address. This is the address provided by your WAN/DSL provider.

Step 8

Press the arrow button down until "Store Changes?" is displayed.

Step 9

Press the "*" key to store the changes. The "Reboot Now?" screen appears.

Step 10

Press the "*" key to reboot your phone.

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