How to Set Metro PCS Roaming

By Kristy Robinson

Set your MetroPCS phone to roaming in order to utilize services when you are out of your home network area. Roaming will allow your phone to work in Extended Home Roaming areas according to your current calling plan. When you are outside of the home and extended roaming areas, it will allow the phone to utilize TravelTalk. TravelTalk minutes are billed from your MetroConnect account, and you will receive a notification before accepting or making a phone call. Setting up the roaming option on your phone will also allow text messaging to work properly.

Step 1

Dial *228 and select the option to download the latest roaming list. The screen should indicate that programming is in progress; when completed, a voice will come on the phone asking if you need additional roaming information. At this point, you may hang up or choose to listen.

Step 2

Click "Menu" from the home screen of the phone.

Step 3

Highlight and click "Settings." You may also use the number keys as a shortcut. Each option is numbered, and the corresponding number in the list is the shortcut to the option.

Step 4

Select "Roaming." Occasionally, on some models and some software versions, this could also be listed as "Set Mode."

Step 5

Select "Automatic." If your phone has options for "Automatic A" and "Automatic B," which is common on Motorola brand phones, you may choose either option.