How to Set the Compass on My Timex Expedition

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The Timex Expedition's compass is more innovative than a regular compass.

The Timex Expedition watch is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts. It includes features such as a thermometer, barometer, night-light and compass. Its compass prevents you from getting lost on long treks. To set the compass, you first need to calibrate it. Calibrating involves entering the direction you want to travel. Since the watch's compass works with the Earth's magnetic field, you should not calibrate it near or around metal objects.


Step 1

Wait for "Hold to Cal" to appear on the face of the watch. Press and hold the "Heading" button. Wait for "Rotate Watch Twice" to appear on the face.

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Step 2

Hold the watch at the same level as the horizon. You can wear it on your wrist, hold it in the palm of your hand or place it a non-metal flat surface. Rotate the watch slowly twice, as you count 15 seconds per rotation.


Step 3

Press the "Mode" button. Wait for the face to say "Declination." Press the "Heading" mode and set your watch to the direction you want to go (north, south, east or west). By entering a declination value, your watch's compass will direct you in that path.


Step 4

Enter the declination for your desired location from the chart in the Resources section. Press "Start" to select degrees and press "Mode" to select direction. Press the "Heading" button to exit and save the values.


Step 5

Hold your watch at the same level as the horizon. Use it any mode except "Alarm." Press "Heading" to display your desired direction on the watch's compass.


If “Hold to Cal” still displays, you may need to recalibrate your selections.


Do not calibrate inside trains, airplanes and buildings.

Avoid storing your watch near computers, appliances or metal objects.



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