How to Set the Ringback Tone on Your Verizon Phone

By James Johnson

Ringback tones from Verizon Wireless allow users to set personalized music and other purchased recordings that play when someone calls their devices. Users can choose one ringback tone for everyone or even specific ringback tones for individual users. There are two ways to install the ringback tones: from your phone and from your PC.

Step 1

Sign up for an account at the Verizon Wireless Media store by clicking on the "My Account" link on the Ringback website. You will be brought to the Verizon Media store website, where you can sign up for a free account by clicking on the "New account" link and using your mobile number. Sign up for an account to access the Ringback site.

Step 2

Send a text message to number "728." In the message, type either "RBT," "List" or enter the three-digit code for the Ringback tone you want to buy. This can be found on the official Ringback tone website listed at the bottom of this page. You can then demo songs and buy them right from your phone. You can also buy Ringtones directly from the Ringback site once you sign in, using the "My Account" link.

Step 3

Set ringback tones for specific callers by going to the "My Settings" tab on the Ringback tone website. Then choose the caller IDs of the users you want to assign the ringtones you've bought.

Step 4

Click on the "My Settings" tab and choose whether you would like specific ringback tones for each caller or a default tone for all callers. The "My Account" link guides you through the setup process once you sign in. You can also choose to set the ringback tones for specific times of the day and even specific days.

Tips & Warnings

  • Using the Verizon Ringback Tone Website through the "My Settings" tab on your Internet browser is the easiest way to set your ringback tones.Ringback tones do come at a small cost.