How to Set the Time on a Sony Dream Machine

By Fred Decker

Sony's "Dream Machine" line of alarm clocks and clock radios covers a wide range of styles and features, but these cosmetic differences have little effect on their use. The process for setting the time on any given Dream Machine follows a consistent methodology, so if you've used any model in the series the others should be easy to learn and set. There can be slight differences between models, but the overall process remains simple.

Step 1

Examine the time-setting buttons on the top of your Dream Machine. Some models use a slider switch to toggle between time setting and alarm setting mode, while others require you to hold down the "Time Set" button.

Step 2

Slide the switch to the Time Set setting, or hold down the "Time Set" button, whichever is appropriate for your model.

Step 3

Press and hold the "H" button for hours and the "M" button for minutes until your clock displays the correct time. Some models have "+" and "-" buttons instead, to cycle forward or backward to the correct time.

Step 4

Check the display to ensure that you're in AM or PM mode, whichever is correct.

Step 5

Repeat this process to set the date, if prompted to do so by your clock. When finished, release the "Time Set" button, or return the slider to its Clock setting, whichever is appropriate for your Dream Machine.