How to Set the Time on a Sony Dream Machine

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How to Set the Time on a Sony Dream Machine
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The Sony Dream Machine series of clock radios and alarms acts as a streamlined, easy-to-use utility for individuals around the world. In situations where your smartphone alarm is not available, traditional alarm clocks such as the Sony Dream Machine alarm clock can fulfill much the same role. Depending upon the specific Dream Machine model you own, you may be able to take advantage of features such as iPhone docking or internet connections. Setting the time on these devices follows a relatively straightforward and consistent pattern, irrespective of the specific model you own.



Setting the time on a Sony Dream Machine, which has been on the market since the early 2000s, is accomplished using a few simple steps.

Exploring the Dream Machine

The lineup of Sony Dream Machine alarm clocks consists of five basic formats. Models such as the C318 and CD853 offer a simplified interface that allows for basics tasks such as alarm programming, AM/FM radio connections (available on the C318) and automated time adjustment for daylight savings changes. The simpler of these two models, the CD853, was first introduced to consumers in 2002.

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Unlike the CD853 and C318, the CL75iP, CD3iP and C717PJ offer significantly more functionality. For example, both the 75iP and 3iP models allow users to connect their iPhones directly to the hardware. This can be useful if you need to charge your phone over the course of the evening. The 75iP includes a variety of additional amenities, a noteworthy example being an embedded digital frame for photos.


The C717PJ model of Dream Machines is unique. Featuring an innovative sound bar design, this particular variation of the Dream Machine boasts an excellent audio playback system that includes an extensive collection of nature sounds that can be used as alarms.

Setting the Time on Sony Dream Machine Models

You may have noticed the words "Time Set" immediately next to the Tune command on the specific Dream Machine model you use. Press and hold down the Time Set button to access the time configuration features on your clock. If this doesn't work, your specific Dream Machine may require you to slide a selector switch to the Time Set option.


After you access the interface for changing the time, manually insert the hours and minutes until the clock is an accurate reflection of your own time zone. To do this, press and hold the H button on your device. The clock starts cycling through the hours, allowing you to select the current time. Then press the M button and repeat the process to select the current minutes.

Some models may use arrow keys labeled with + and - to change the time. Either way, the steps are easy to understand and execute.


Finalizing Your Dream Machine Alarm Clock

It is important to remember that you hold down the Time Set button throughout the time-setting process. After you set the correct time on your device, you either release the Time Set button or move the slider back to the Clock setting, depending on the design of your Dream Machine alarm clock. When this is complete, the time on your Dream Machine is up to date and accurate.