How to Set Up an Insignia TV

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Insignia television setup typically takes just a few minutes.

Best Buy's in-store, flat-screen television line--known as Insignia--offers screens as small as 17 inches and as large as 55 inches. If you decide to purchase the brand, preparing an Insignia television for use typically takes no longer than just a few minutes.


Step 1

Unpack your Insignia television from its box and check to see that its power cord, remote control and other accessories are included. Set aside the empty box and Styrofoam packing to be discarded once you have set up your television and confirm it is working properly.

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Step 2

Choose a sturdy surface, such as a counter top or shelf, on which to place your Insignia television. Insert the screen into its base and tighten a screw in the base with a Phillips screwdriver to attach the two pieces. Install an appropriately-sized television wall mount, following its installation directions if you choose instead to have the television placed on a wall.


Step 3

Spend a moment to get familiar with the television's side, front and back panels. Find the remote control that came with your television and install two AA batteries in the device. Connect the power cord that came with the television to the back of the unit and into an outlet. Power on the television.



Step 4

Connect cables to a DVD player, speakers or stereo receiver into the appropriate plug-in on the rear of the television. Connect the cable television cable or an antenna cable into the appropriate television port on the rear of the unit.

Step 5

Press the "TV Menu" button on the remote control. Press one of the sideways arrow buttons to open the "Tuning" icon. Press one of the up or down arrow buttons to select "Auto Scan," then "Enter" to begin setting up the channels on your television. Await a message telling you the auto scan is complete before tuning in to any channels.




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