How to Setup Netflix on My Roku

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Instant streaming with your Roku player eliminates the wait.

While you wait for a Netflix DVD in the mail, stream shows directly to your TV through your Roku box. Once you purchase your media player and have it set up, you get to enjoy the thousands of movies Netflix offers. Whether it's television or movies, Netflix easily streams your favorite shows for your family to enjoy. Using only a few basic steps, you will be enjoying Netflix through your Roku box.

Roku Connection

Step 1

Search your television for the audio and video connection. An HDTV has connectors for HDMI cables, whereas an older television may use component or composite cables. Component connections also require composite cables for audio, as it is only a video connection.

Step 2

Plug your corresponding cables into the television and the Roku. Insert your network cable to the network port on the Roku, for a wired connection. Connect the opposite end to an open network port on your router. Wireless connections require the use of the wireless network name and security password after you turn everything on.

Step 3

Turn on your television and Roku to begin the setup process. Choose "Wired" or "Wireless" as your network connection. The wireless choice continues to the network name and password screen before connecting to your home network and you complete the setup process once it reboots.

Netflix Connection

Step 1

Select the Netflix icon on your television screen with the Roku remote to start Netflix.

Step 2

Follow the directions on the screen for an activation code that you enter on the Netflix website. Write this code down.

Step 3

Log in to Netflix, go to "Your Account & Help" and scroll down to "Watching Instantly on Your TV or Computer." Click "Activate a Netflix Ready Device" and enter the activation code provided by your Roku.

Step 4

Verify that your Roku recognized your Netflix account and that the activation code worked. You'll have access to your Netflix queue once it does, and your movies begin once selected.

Things You'll Need

  • High speed Internet connection

  • Audio/video cable


For connection support on the Roku, contact the company at 888-600-7658, or online through their live chat or support page.

For activation help on the Netflix, contact customer service at 866-636-3070 and have your customer identification number ready for faster help. This number is located in the help center.


Check your wired connections if you have audio or video issues. Loose connections may cause problems with either of these.

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