How to Show the Twitter Symbol on a Business Card

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Twitter is one of the largest social networks on the Internet. It helps businesses share their brands effectively to customers globally. Showing the Twitter symbol on a business card requires a copy of the company's logo. The bluebird profile is the Twitter logo and it can be obtained online. Depending on your business card template, you can display it prominently wherever you choose. The business card should have your business name, logo and contact information. Usually the Twitter symbol is included within a contact section with the direct link to the account.


Step 1

Go to the Twitter website ( to obtain the bird symbol. Decide where on the business card you would like to it.

Step 2

Place your cursor over the symbol found on Twitter's official page. Use the symbol from the verified account that shows a check mark on the profile. This indicates that you are obtaining the official symbol used by Twitter and recognized globally.

Step 3

Right-click with your mouse to "save image as" to store the Twitter bird symbol file on your computer. Confirm that the image was saved and create a folder for easier retrieval later.


Step 4

Place the copied Twitter image on a business card template. Templates are available at no charge on sites, such as Vistaprint. Also, you can personalize your business card using software such as Photoshop, to create a one-of-a-kind business card showing the Twitter symbol.

Step 5

Arrange the image to fit your card. Resize the Twitter symbol on the business card, if necessary. Read The Pro Designer for additional tips on creating Photoshop business cards.