How to Stop an Email From Going Into the Junk Folder

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Junk filters help keep your email in-box clear of spam and other unwanted advertising. But sometimes you may receive an email from a new sender that ends up in the junk folder instead of your in-box. Although all email applications are slightly different, most of them have similar procedures to let you stop an email from going into the junk folder.


Step 1

Add new senders' email addresses to your email address book. Messages from senders who are in your address book won't go into the junk folder.

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Step 2

If a message is already in the junk folder, click on it and select the option to label the message as "Not Junk" or something similar.


Step 3

When prompted, select the option to add the sender's email address to your address book or to a "Safe" list, which will keep future emails from going into your junk folder.