How to Take a Screenshot With an iPhone

By Aaron Parson

Regardless of which model iPhone you own or its system version, you can capture an image of your phone's screen by pressing the "Home" and "Sleep/Wake" buttons -- no need to install any extra apps. You can take screenshots from inside any app or website, and they include everything currently on the screen, even active pop-ups such as the volume level.

Take a Screenshot

To capture the current screen on your iPhone, press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button and immediately press the "Home" button. The screen flashes to indicate the snapshot, and the phone saves an image of the screen.

Use a Screenshot

To see your screenshots, open the Photos app, tap "Albums" and tap "Recently Added" in iOS 8 or "Camera Roll" in iOS 7. This album contains both your photos and screenshots. Tap on a screenshot's thumbnail to enlarge it and then press the "Share" icon -- a square with an up arrow -- to send the screenshot by text message or email or to upload it to a social media site. Press "Edit" to make minor adjustments to a screenshot, such as cropping the image. To copy the picture to a Windows PC, connect your iPhone and computer with the USB connection cable, press "Windows-E" to see your connected devices, and open the iPhone to access its photos. Alternatively, email the image to yourself or upload it via a cloud storage app.