How to Take a TV Off a Wall Mount

Taking a TV off a wall mount can be a challenge — according to, flat-screen TV's weigh between 25 and 75 pounds, depending on their size. If you have a heavy flat-screen TV, you'll want to make sure you have a friend or family member over who can assist you on taking it down.

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Preparing the Television

Get the TV ready for removal from the wall mount. Turn off the power and disconnect the plug from the power source. If the other cables are pulled tight (often behind the device on the wall), disconnect them from the devices they are plugged into to avoid damaging them when you pull the TV away from the wall. Make sure you have a clear path from the TV's location to the location where you intend to place it on the floor.

Loosening the Television

Most wall-mounting brackets will lock the TV in place once it is hung. This helps to ensure that the TV won't fall in the event that it is bumped or rattled around. To get the TV off the wall, you will need to remove these safety devices. Some types of wall mounts use screws to hold the TV in place, so you'll just need to remove the screw with your standard screw driver. Others use a metal bar that slides in place, which you can slide out with your hand. Locate the security pieces and remove them so that the TV can be lifted off the brackets.

You don't need to worry about the TV falling after you've removed these safety pieces — they are only meant to provide additional protection in the event of extreme rattling. The TV will remain secure until you physically lift it off the wall.

Removing the Television

When ready, one person should stand directly in front of the TV with another individual standing to the side to help if needed. Start by lifting the television straight up a few inches to remove it from the brackets. When free of the brackets, pull the TV several inches away from the wall so your helper can reach back and unplug any wires connected to the TV. When completed, the TV can be easily moved to a table or other area where you want to keep it.

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