How to Take a TV Off a Wall Mount

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Removing a TV from a wall mount is not always an easy process. While most wall mounts are simply designed with an easy mounting process, pulling the TV off the mount can prove difficult. After the TV sits on a mount for a long time, you are likely to forget how it was mounted, and it takes some time to figure the easiest way to get it off the mount. Taking care to remove the TV properly prevents damage to the mounting hardware and the TV itself.


Common Tools and TV Dismount Service

Most television sets have a standard-width railing on the back for mounting purposes. The railing works on a track so adjustments are easy to make, and screws are used to secure the TV. On some models, the screws thread directly into the TV, and on others, they protrude from the TV and require a nut to secure the mount connection. You need a crescent wrench for TV mounts with screw and nut connections and an Allen wrench for TVs with direct thread connections. Some models use both types of connections. With these basic tools, you are prepared to remove TV from the wall mount. This isn't a one-person job. You'll need at least one helper and possibly more depending on the size of the TV.


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If you are uncomfortable working with these tools or you don't have any helpers, contact a handyman service and inquire about a TV dismount service.

Start the Removal

You have two basic options for dismounting the TV: remove the entire mount from the wall and leave it attached to the TV or remove the TV from the mount, leaving it attached to the wall. If you are moving and want the mount to come along, use the first method, which requires two or three helpers to hold the entire TV and mount as it comes off the wall. The easier option is to remove the TV from the mount by loosening the nuts and screws where they connect the mounting plate to the TV railing. Start each screw but do not remove it completely. After each screw is started, enlist a helper or two to hold and stabilize the TV while you remove each screw. On some models, simply loosening them allows you to slide it off the track. Others require complete removal.



Teamwork for the Dismount

Helpers are critically important to prevent damage to the TV. When you are ready to complete the removal and slide the TV off the track or pull the mounting screws, have your helpers hold the TV. Slowly slide it or pull the screws to separate the TV from the mount. Carry the TV to a safe landing zone nearby and set it down softly on a blanket or other soft surface.



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