How to Track a Car Using a Cell Phone

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Perhaps you want to know where your teenagers are going when they borrow the car or maybe you need to manage your employees while they are out of the office. Whatever the case, installing GPS software on a cell phone is a smart way to keep track of a car.


Step 1

Find a GPS software for tracking a car. A few you might consider are Accutracking, Instamapper and Google Maps for Mobile. As of 2010, Google Maps and Instamapper are both free, while Accutracking is $9.95 per month.

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Step 2

Register for the service of your choice by going to the website and entering a user name, password, telephone number and valid email address. For Accutracking, you will also need to provide payment details.


Step 3

Wait for a few minutes and you will receive an email and text message confirming your registration. Using your phone's web browser, go to the link provided in the email or text message and download the software to your cell phone. Follow the instructions to download it.

Step 4

Go to the website that you've signed up for and log in to it. You will see a detailed street map with a blinking dot and your user name next to it. The dot is the cell phone and you can now follow it anywhere it goes in the world. Any of the programs will provide a complete 30-day history of movement and Accutracking will also provide details such as average speed, average stop times and detailed, downloadable reports.



Step 5

Place the cell phone in a hidden spot such as under the seat or in the back of the glove compartment or trunk if you don't want the driver to know that you are tracking him.



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