How to Track a Cell Phone Position in Mexico

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You can track your phone in Mexico or around the world with GPS software.

Mexico is a country of 111 million people and its capital, Mexico City, is among the most densely populated cities in the world. That means if you have friends or family visiting Mexico it will be easy for them to get lost. If you are worried and would like to keep tabs on them, one good way to do so is by installing a GPS program on their software. This will allow you to track them anywhere they go as long as they have a cell phone signal.


Step 1

Select a mobile GPS program. These will allow you to track the cell phone in Mexico and most other countries in the world, provided that the phone is able to get a cell phone signal. A few programs that you can download include Google Latitude, Mologogo, and Instamapper. As of September 2010 these are free to download and use.


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Step 2

Install the program by going to the site of the software that you have decided to use. Some sites will require you to register by providing a user name, password and cell phone number. Google only requires that you provide a cell phone number and country. You will be provided with a link. Open up your mobile browser and follow the link and download the program. Follow the instructions to install it on your mobile phone.


Step 3

Go to the "Main Menu" of the cell phone and go to "Applications." Start the program that you installed earlier. This will begin transmitting your location to the servers of the application, giving the position of the cell phone.


Step 4

Go to your computer, or any other device that can access the Internet, and open up the web browser. Log in to the site where you registered for your software. You will see your phone denoted as a blinking dot on a map. You can now track the cell phone in Mexico and any other place in the world where it can receive a signal.



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