How to Track Changes With a PDF

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How to Track Changes With a PDF
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Adobe Reader is the free program you may use to open, read and edit PDF files. You may have the option to track changes of a PDF document through the comment and markup tool of Adobe Reader. The creator of the PDF file must authorize and enable commenting in Adobe Acrobat in order for you to make edits and track changes. Tracking changes in the file allows you to edit, cross out, highlight and comment on text.


Step 1

Click "Start," "All Programs" and then click "Adobe Reader."

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Step 2

Click "File" and then click "Open. Select the PDF file of choice and click "Open."


Step 3

Click "View," "Toolbars" and then click "Comment & Markup."

Step 4

Click the tool of choice from the Comment & Markup toolbar. Tools for tracking changes include the ability to add sticky notes for comments as well as highlight, cross out or change text.



Step 5

Highlight the selection of text you wish to mark up. The editing tool of choice is applied to the text.

Step 6

Click "File" from the top menu and then click "Save."




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