How to Transfer Credits for B.Mobile

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Learn how to request and transfer bmobile credits.

Bmobile is a prepaid cell phone service provider. Subscribers are allowed to share credits. If you have extra credits one month, you can transfer your credits another person. Other bmobile users can also transfer credits to you if you are short credits for a particular month using the Credit Me service option. The Credit Me service allows one bmobile user to transfer credits to another bmobile user.


Step 1

Request a credit from a fellow bmobile user with Credit Me service. From your bmobile cell phone, dial the start button and then 130. Press star again and then dial the cell phone number of the person you are requesting the credit from and then press the star key again. Enter in the dollar amount you are requesting and then press the pound key. Enter the dollar amount in whole dollars only and do not include cents. For example, if you are requesting $20 to cell phone number 1111111111, then you should dial _130_1111111111*20#. The number of minutes you receive for $1 of credit depends on the cell phone plan. For example, if you have the 100-minute plan for $50, then a $1 credit buys you two minutes.


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Step 2

Press the "Call" button, which will send the credit request to the cell phone number you entered in Step 1. The request is sent as a text message to the recipient.

Step 3

Transfer the credits. When the recipient receives the text message with the credit request, the sender of the credits must complete the transfer. Press the star key, then 131 and the star key again. Type in the cell phone number of the person you are transferring the credits to and then press the star key again. Type in the dollar amount in credits you are sending and the pound key. For example, if you are responding to the $20 credit request to cell phone number 2222222222, then you should dial _131_2222222222*20#.



Step 4

Push the "call" button to send the credits and complete the transfer. The person receiving the credits receives a confirmation text to confirm that the credits have been transferred.



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