How to Set Up MTN Voicemail

By Chanel Adams

MTN Voicemail allows users to access their voicemail quickly and efficiently through their MTN cell phones. They can never miss important calls, especially if they constantly use their cell phones at home or in the office. Calls transfer over to voicemail whenever a phone is off, does not work or goes unanswered. The MTN Voicemail service then records the caller's message along with the time and date. The user then receives the message whenever he accesses the account. Users may set up a MTN Voicemail account once they receive or load the MTN pay as you go card.

Things You'll Need

  • MTN cell phone
  • MTN pay as you go card

Step 1

Purchase a MTN pay as you go card. Purchase the card from the MTN Voicemail website or any stores in Nigeria that offer the MTN cards. Load the card with money in order to receive voicemail service on your phone.

Step 2

Dial "113" from your MTN cell phone. Set your voicemail diverts by entering **21*174 and all 11 digits of your phone number. Press # and dial "110."

Step 3

Create a password for accessing your voicemail. Your password should contain four digits. Remember this password for every time you want to listen to your messages.

Step 4

Listen to the voice to tell you how to create your message. Think of a message to create before recording one. Listen to your voice greeting to make sure it satisfies you.

Step 5

Dial "100" to listen to your messages. Dial "5" to delete the message once you have listened to it. Finish your call when you are finish listening to all of your messages.

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