How to Transfer KVM to VMware

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KVM and VMware VSphere/ESXi are both bare metal virtualization solutions. A bare metal virtualization software is a mini operating software operating on a physical machine whose sole purpose is to manage several virtual machines. With virtualization, each physical machine can host several independent operating systems. Virtualization is used to maximize the use of the physical server processing power. You can transfer a KVM virtual machine to a VMware server using the VMware Converter.


Step 1

From your KVM virtual machine, go to and download vCenter Converter. If you do not have a VMware account you will need to create one.

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Step 2

Click on the file you downloaded and install vCenter Converter on your KVM virtual machine. Launch the vCenter converter.


Step 3

Click on "Convert Machine" on the upper left corner of the vCenter Converter window.

Step 4

In the drop down menu, select "Powered-on machine". Select "This local machine" bellow and click "Next."


Step 5

Wait for the information on the machine to be retrieved. In the new windows select "VMware Infrastructure virtual machine." Enter the name of the VSphere/ESXi server you want to transfer the virtual machine to and its administrator user name and password.


Step 6

Check if the information entered is correct in the summary. Click "Next" and then "Finish". The conversion process starts automatically.


Step 7

Connect to the new virtual machine that was imported on your Vphere/ESXi server. After running the necessary tests to ensure that the virtual machine runs properly you can turn off the KVM virtual machine and transfer the users to the new VMware virtual machine.

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