How to Transfer Text Messages to Email

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If you want to transfer a text message to an email address, all you have to do is use your cellular telephone to forward it to the correct address. Text messages are sent to and from cell phones over a wireless data network, and that data network is also connected to the Internet. Note that you may be charged for the forwarding of a text message to an email address depending on the terms and conditions of the cell phone contract you signed when your service began.


Step 1

Open the "Messaging" menu on your cell phone. Depending on the type of phone you have, the terminology used to describe menu options may be a little different, but it is the window that you use to view your text messages.

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Step 2

Open the text message you want to send to an email address.

Step 3

Select the "Forward" option. This will take the message exactly as it exists in your phone and forward it to the email address you provide.


Step 4

Use your phone's keypad to type the email address into the "To" or "Recipient" box (again, depending on your phone).

Step 5

Hit "Send" to forward your text message.

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