How to Troubleshoot a Targus Wireless Presenter

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The Targus Wireless Presenter is a combination wireless mouse and laser pointer that can be used during presentations. You can control cursor movement anywhere within 50 feet of the receiver. It is compatible with PowerPoint and has control keys that represent different PowerPoint commands. If the Targus Wireless Presenter stops working, you can perform some basic troubleshooting to fix the issue.


Step 1

Check the battery. The Targus Wireless Presenter uses a single AAA battery to operate. Replace this battery if the device malfunctions.

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Step 2

Switch the device to a different channel. If you get interference from other signals, you can change the channel on the Targus Wireless Presenter. To change the channel, press the connection button on the receiver and within 10 seconds, hit the connection button on the presenter.


Step 3

Adjust your distance from the receiver. If you are more than 50 feet away from the receiver, the pointer will not work. Move closer to see if function returns.

Step 4

Turn off all wireless devices within the proximity of the receiver and the pointer. These signals can interfere with the Targus Wireless Presenter. Base units and routers may also need to be disabled.


Step 5

Use the USB cable to put distance between the PC and the receiver unit of the device. Extend the cable to ensure that the PC does not interfere with the receiver when plugged in.

Step 6

Reinstall the software that came with the presenter. You may be having a software issue that is causing the wireless presenter to not work. Place the installation disc that came with the device into your computer's CD-ROM drive to reinstall the program.