How to Troubleshoot an ILO TV

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How to Troubleshoot an ILO TV
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The iLO brand is a leading manufacturer of televisions and electronics for budget-conscious consumers. The company's TVs have myriad features, great picture and sound, and plenty of inputs, all at a great price. However, as with any TV, things can go wrong and it can stop working properly. Follow these simple guidelines to ensure you can identify and solve your problem when things go awry.


Step 1

Ensure your iLO television is plugged in. If it does not turn on, try a different wall outlet. Press the power button on the front or side of the TV to rule out a faulty remote.

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Step 2

Check the remote. A faulty remote can be the cause of a number of problems. If it is working erratically or not at all, replace the batteries. Do this quickly to avoid any loss of programmed data on your remote. Move any obstructions that might be blocking the infrared sensor on the TV. Move closer to the TV if you are using the remote from a long distance.

Step 3

Inspect any attached devices. If you have an external DVD player, VCR or gaming console hooked up, disconnect them. Reconnect them using different inputs or a different cable.


Step 4

Make sure your cables are working properly. Interconnect cables, especially inexpensive ones, are often affected by interference from other electronic devices. If you experience video artifacts (like lines or strange colors), replace your video cables. If the speakers are behaving strangely or you hear audio distortion, replace the audio cables. Always buy thick, quality audio/video interconnects to ensure this problem won't happen in the future.


Step 5

Reset your TV. Unplug your iLO TV from the wall and remove any connected devices. Hold the front power button in for five seconds, then release. Plug your TV back in, turn it on and confirm that it is working again.

Things You'll Need

  • iLO TV and connected devices

  • User manual


If you are experiencing audio or video problems regardless of what source you are watching, the issue may be with the TV itself. Call your manufacturer or local electronic shop to inquire about a repair or replacement of your iLO television.


Always unplug your TV from the wall outlet before connecting and disconnecting devices.