How to Troubleshoot Split Screen on a Memorex DVD Player

A split screen on a television connected to a Memorex DVD player usually results when you accidentally or purposely turn on progressive scan on the player when your television is incompatible with the feature. This problem can also occur if your Memorex DVD player malfunctions. Whatever the source of the issue, you can usually troubleshoot it and confirm the source within approximately 15 minutes of your first noticing the split screen.

Step 1

Check the back of your Memorex DVD player for a switch marked "Progressive Scan." If it has the switch and it is in the "On" position, shut off your player, flip the switch to the "Off" position, then turn the player on again to check your television screen.

Step 2

Check your remote control for an "HDMI/PS" or "Video" button if you don't see the "Progressive Scan" switch on the back of the DVD player. Press the button repeatedly to see if doing so turns off the progressive scan.

Step 3

Pull the power cable plug for your Memorex DVD player from the electrical socket when the player is on if the issue persists. The player may have experienced a temporary malfunction. Wait five minutes, plug the player in again and turn it on to see if the split screen remains.


If manually turning off progressive scan or unplugging your DVD player while its turned on doesn’t correct the split screen issue, contact Memorex via the Memorex Support Contact Us online form for additional assistance (see Resources).


Some brands and models of HDTVs are not compatible with your Memorex DVD player or progressive scan.

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