How to Troubleshoot the Bose Lifestyle 28/35

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The Bose Lifestyle 28 and 35 are two models from the Bose Lifestyle range of home entertainment systems. They feature a CD/DVD player, AM/FM radio and component video input/output for connection to a TV. The 28 and 35 use a 5.1 speaker setup with five cube speakers and one Acoustimass subwoofer. There are a number of troubleshooting steps you can use to diagnose problems with the system.


Step 1

Check that both power cables are securely connected to the media center and the speakers and that they are connected to working outlets. Ensure the power switch on the Acoustimass speaker is set to "On."

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Step 2

Try unplugging the media center for several seconds, then plugging it back in to restart the system.


Step 3

Make sure the audio input cable is connected securely to both the media center "Main Speaker" jack and the Acoustimass speaker module "Audio Input" jack. Make sure the Acousticmass module is connected to the cube speakers.

Step 4

Ensure the system is not muted and that a source (such as "CD/DVD" or "AM/FM") is selected.


Step 5

Press "Settings" on your remote control to bring up the menu. Press the right arrow to select the number of speakers and ensure it is set to your desired number (2, 3, or 5) by pressing the up and down arrows. Press "Enter" to save the setting.


Step 6

Change the house code setting on your remote to fix problems controlling the system. Open the battery compartment on your remote and use a paper clip or similar object to adjust the switches marked "1," "2," "3" and "4." Experiment with different settings.


Step 7

Adjust the radio antenna if you are having problems with reception. Make sure the antenna is connected properly and move it at least 20 inches from the media center, away from any other electronic equipment.

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