How to Troubleshoot the Verizon Samsung Network Extender

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The Verizon Samsung Network Extender expands the coverage area of your wireless cellular service to rooms or locations that cannot be reached by your service. While mobile network equipment can be intimidating, the Network Extender is a straightforward device that you can usually quickly return to a functioning operating condition by following a few troubleshooting steps.


Step 1

Change the location of the Network Extender. The device performs best when it is located near a window or in an open location.

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Step 2

Check the connection to the Network Extender's power supply. A loose connection can disrupt the service provided by the device.


Step 3

Check the Ethernet connection to your DSL or cable service. Make sure that the Ethernet cable is fully inserted into a port on your broadband modem or router, and that the other end is inserted into the port on the Network Extender.


Step 4

Perform a power-cycle on the Extender if the device is still not working properly. Remove the power cable from the rear of the device, then wait five minutes before reconnecting the power cable to reinitialize the Extender.




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