How to Turn a Cell Phone Into an EMF Meter

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Electromagnetic field (EMF) refers to wavelengths of energy that are common and a result of the use of cell phones, radios, televisions, microwaves and hundreds of other commonplace electronic devices. You can monitor the amount of EMF energy in your immediate area by turning your cell phone into an EMF reader. The cell phone must have the "smartphone" capability to install applications, or "apps," into its operating system. No additional hardware is needed as the program makes use of the hardware that is already built into the cell phone.


Step 1

Tap the application store icon on the cell phone's LCD screen. Enter "EMF" in the "Search" text field on the screen that appears. Tap the "Search" icon next to the text field. Tap an EMF program that appears in a list in a column beneath "Search."


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Step 2

Tap the "Purchase" icon on the screen if the application costs money; otherwise tap the "Free" icon on the screen.

Step 3

Enter your user name and password into the text field on the screen that appears; you may not need to enter both if the cell phone automatically provides some or all of this information. Tap the "Continue" or "OK" button on the screen to go to a new screen.


Step 4

Tap the "Install" or "Download" button on the screen. Let the application download and install itself on the cell phone.


Step 5

Tap the EMF icon on the cell phone's LCD screen to launch it. Hold the cell phone in front of you. Rotate the cell phone in a wide arc around you. Press the "Show Log" button on the app's screen when you want to see the EMF that is in the area you are occupying. Look at the screen, which provides both a graphic representation and detailed data as to the EMF that has been recorded.

Step 6

Press the "Hide Log" button to return to the app's main screen. Continue to use the app or quit it if done.

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