How to Turn a Picture into a background or watermark

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Word 2010 can insert a picture watermark to complement your document.

Microsoft Word 2010 can convert a photo file into a watermark for your document. A watermark can complement a page's content. For example, a photo of a city can be set behind a letter referring to tourism. The "Page Layout" tab on the command ribbon contains the "Watermark" command. The "Custom Watermark" options can insert and scale the image to suit the document's format.


Step 1

Open the MS Word program.

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Step 2

Click the "Page Layout" tab on the command ribbon.

Step 3

Click the "Custom Watermark" option. A "Printed Watermark" dialog box opens.


Step 4

Select the "Picture watermark" option. The "Select Picture" button becomes accessible.

Step 5

Select the "Picture watermark" option. The "Select Picture" button becomes accessible.


Step 6

Click the "Select Picture" button. The picture library file opens.


Step 7

Select the picture file.

Step 8

Click "Insert."


Step 9

Select the scale value. For example, 50 percent.

Step 10

Select the check box for "Washout" if you prefer a very faint watermark effect.

Step 11

Click "OK." The picture file becomes a watermark on the Word document.

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