How to Turn off Auto Recovery

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Microsoft Office software such as Excel and Word have an AutoRecover function that periodically saves copies of your files and documents as you work. This feature allows you to recover the latest saved version of a document in the case of an unexpected failure in your Microsoft Office program. This prevents you from losing all of your work and lets you recover any work saved by the AutoRecover function. To prevent this feature from saving copies of your works-in-progress on your computer, disable the AutoRecover feature in your Microsoft Office software.


Step 1

Click the Microsoft Office Button in the upper left corner of your software. Open "Options" on the Microsoft Office menu.

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Step 2

Click "Save" from the "Options" panel. Remove the checkmark next to the "Save AutoRecover Information" option.


Step 3

Press "OK" to apply your new AutoRecover options and close the "Options" panel. The AutoRecover option is turned off in your Microsoft Office product.





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