How to Turn Off the Noises That iTunes Makes

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Apple's iTunes software allows users to download, manage and sync music, movies and podcasts. The program is designed to make a sound when the program has been launched, or an action has been completed, such as downloading a song or syncing music to a device. Turn off the noises that iTunes makes to enjoy the program noise-free.


Step 1

Click "Start," then "Control Panel."

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Step 2

Type "sound" into the search box at the top of the Control Panel and press Enter.

Step 3

Click the "Sound" link from the Control Panel. The Sound properties window launches.


Step 4

Click the "Sounds" tab.

Step 5

Scroll down the list of available sounds in the "iTunes" section. There are two sounds associated with iTunes: "Complete" and "Page Load Complete."


Step 6

Click the iTunes sound that you want to turn off.

Step 7

Select "None" from the drop-down box under "Sounds." Click "Apply."

Step 8

Repeat Steps 6 and 7 for each iTunes sound that you want to turn off.