How to Turn off TouchPad Tap to Click

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Touchpads have many intuitive features, including tap to click.

If you have a laptop, using the touchpad instead of a mouse can be annoying. Touchpads are highly sensitive and respond to every finger movement. Excluding Macs, most laptop touchpads have a left-click button and a right-click button directly under the touchpad . This is an optional feature since you can use the touchpad to double-click. If you prefer to click without using the touchpad, you can disable the tap option.


Step 1

Download the Synaptics driver for your particular operating system, install the driver, then reboot your computer. Alternatively, you can download the software from your computer manufacturer's website.

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Step 2

Click "Start," then select "Control Panel." On the Control Panel menu, select "Mouse" and the "Mouse Properties" window will pop up.


Step 3

Select the "Advanced Features" window in "Mouse Properties" and click on "Settings." This will bring up the "Properties for Synaptics TouchPad" window. Under "Tapping," select "Taps and Drags" and uncheck the box that reads "Tap to Click" and hit "Apply," then "OK." This feature is now disabled.




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