How to Unblur With Paint on the Computer

By Benjamin Skinner

Digital photography in many ways has taken amateur photography to new levels. The combination of digital camera technology and advanced computer software means new life for the blurry photos in your computer archive. The "Unsharp Mask" feature in Microsoft Paint, a graphics drawing program, allows you to sharpen up, or "unblur," a photo. Microsoft Paint is typically included in the Windows operating system.

Things You'll Need

  • JPEG picture

Step 1

Go to the "Start" menu and launch the "Paint" program. Press the "Ctrl" button and "O" at the same time and browse through your pictures. Double-click on the photo you would like to unblur to open it in the program.

Step 2

Click on the "Layer" and "Duplicate" buttons on screen to create a layer to use with the "Unsharp Mask" feature. Click the "Adjust" button, followed by the "Sharpness" and the "Unsharp Mask." This will open the dialogue box for the options.

Step 3

Adjust the "Clipping," "Radius" and "Strength" of the mask depending on how much you want to unblur the picture. The settings on this menu will vary depending on the quality and size of the picture you're unblurring. The dialogue box will help determine the correct settings. Apply the radius setting at 2 to 3 pixels and at a strength of 100. Change the clipping to 10. Adjust all of these features until you feel satisfied with the outcome. Click the "OK" button to apply the changes.

Step 4

Adjust the opacity with the slider bar on the "Unsharp Mask" layer. Adjust until you reach the desired sharpness in the picture. An opacity of 60 to 70 percent is typically best. Click on the "Layers" selection, on "Merge" and on "Merge All Flatten" to create the final picture image.