How to Unlock a Bell Cell Phone Free

By Mary Jane

Bell is one of the largest communications service providers in Canada, offering mobility, broadband and cable services. It also carries mobile phones from various manufactures. When you purchase a mobile device from Bell, the phone is locked to the company's network. To unlock it, you need to obtain an unlocking code, which you can only obtain free through a Bell customer service representative. After the Bell representative provides you with the unlocking code, you will lose your Bell privileges and mobile phone warranties.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone service provider contact information
  • New service provider SIM card

Step 1

Contact Bell Mobility using your home phone.

Step 2

Inform the clerk that you wish to unlock your phone and that you need a code.

Step 3

Provide the clerk with your device information. This includes your phone type, model and electronic serial number (ESN). The ESN can be found behind your battery or on the Bell SIM card.

Step 4

Write down the unlocking code provided by the Bell Mobility clerk.

Step 5

Remove the SIM card from your Bell cell phone and insert the SIM card from your new service provider.

Step 6

Turn on your cell phone. You will be notified that the new SIM card cannot be registered and a code needs to be entered. Enter your unlocking code and press the "Enter" button on your phone. The Bell phone has now been unlocked and is ready for use.