What Does Sbcglobal.net Stand For?

Southwestern Bell Corp (SBC) formed as a holding company for Southwestern Bell Telephone following the 1984 breakup of AT&T into a number of "Baby Bells." SBC became a national telecommunications company by the mid-1990s, renamed SBC Communications. SBCglobal was the Internet services arm of SBC Communications. In 2005, SBC Communications acquired AT&T, then changed its own name to AT&T Inc. Today when you see the address "Sbcglobal.net," you might be seeing an email address suffix, or a reference to the websites for AT&T or Yahoo! These email addresses are grandfathered and can no longer be obtained. New addresses are obtain directly through AT&T or Yahoo!

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SBC User Email Address

Before the merger with AT&T, SBC Communications offered dial-up and high-speed Internet services as well as telephone service. Users of the Internet services send and receive e-mail using the suffix "sbcglobal.net." For example, an email address is formatted as "webmaster@sbcglobal.net."

Email Server Address

When you configure your email client to send and receive messages on your SBC Global account, you must use mail server addresses to do so. For example, to send messages using Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail, you must use "smtp.sbcglobal.net" as the outgoing mail server. When this address is not properly configured, your outgoing mail is not sent.

SBC Yahoo! DSL Service

After the merger between SBC Communications and AT&T, the company's existing users gained the ability to check their Sbcglobal.net email account with Yahoo! Mail. Additionally, users' high-speed Internet service became "SBC Yahoo DSL." Therefore, after the merger, Sbcglobal.net refers to SBC Yahoo! DSL Internet service.

ATT Home Page

Today when you browse to www.sbcglobal.net, you are redirected to the homepage for AT&T high speed Internet customers. The homepage also appears when an AT&T Internet user opens his Internet browser, unless he changes his homepage in the browser's settings.

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