How to Find Out Who Your Landline Phone Service Provider Is?

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You can find out what company provides your landline phone service.

To obtain telephone service for a landline telephone, you need to contact a phone service provider. The company sets up an account for you, and charges a monthly fee for the service. Companies typically offer local service covering calls made in your local area, and long distance service, which may be provided through a separate company. If you think your service provider has been changed without your authorization, or if you don't know or have forgotten who your landline phone service provider is, you can easily find out the details.


Step 1

Open the envelope of the latest bill from the phone company. Look at the bill. You should see the name of your landline service provider printed on it.

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Step 2

Check your email account if you are not receiving phone bills through the U.S. Postal Service. You may have opted to receive your phone bill only by electronic mail. The name of your landline service provider will appear in the emailed bill.


Step 3

Dial "0" on a landline phone to be connected to the operator if you cannot find a bill. Ask the operator what the name of your local phone service provider is.

Step 4

Dial the toll-free number 1-700-555-4141. You will hear a recorded message that tells you the name of your long distance phone service provider.



Step 5

Call the Federal Communications Commission at the toll-free number 1-888-225-5322 if a company has changed your landline phone service provider without your permission (often referred to as "slamming"). Contact your preferred phone service provider and explain that your service was improperly changed and that you want to change it back.




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