How to Unlock a Kyocera Cell Phone if Your Forgot the Password

Your Kyocera phone has a password that acts as a security feature. This keeps others from accessing your personal data, including your contacts, your pictures or your messages. If you forget your password, some mobile providers offer a PIN unlock key (PUK) code that allows you to reset your password and use your Kyocera phone again.

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Contact your mobile service provider and verify any security information necessary to access your account. Explain that you need the PUK code to your Kyocera phone so that you can reset your password. Write down the six- to eight-digit PUK code.


Turn on your Kyocera phone. Enter what you think is the password and press the Enter/OK key. You'll get a message that the password is incorrect. Repeat two times so the phone prompts you to enter the PUK code.


Enter the PUK code in the field provided and press the Enter/OK key. Enter your new password and press the Enter/OK key. Enter your new password one more time to confirm the change and press the Enter/OK key.

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